CatBowl™ with stand ( 15 Inches diameter)

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Our most versatile bowl is back, shown here in turquoise and red.  Our Catbowl makes for a beautiful serving dish, a fruit bowl, an appetizer platter,  a stunning centerpiece for any table, and room.  We also offer a slightly different version with the horses running on the outer side of the bowl.   Our Catbowl is a perfect holiday gift, house warming gift, bringing joy and delight even to those hard-to-buy-for friends and family.  The Catbowl is a statement piece, it can easily be displayed solely,  or include it and use it with other Orion Crossing Fine Art® pieces.  


The story of where the Catbowl got its name is a cute one too.   After firing and setting out our first set of bowls,  Donna was preparing to pack them up, however she had to leave one behind, she found her beloved cat "Vega" sound asleep inside the bowl and did not have the heart to wake him.  --We then started referring to the bowl as the "Cat bowl", and the name stuck!